The Challenges: HR and Payroll

With the arrival of new government CNESST regulations regarding management of incidents and accidents in the workplace, the city of Sept-Îles was faced with quite a challenge. Obliged to quickly seek a solution allowing it to conform to these changing standards, the city of Sept-Îles opted for Berger-Levrault as the company best able to supply a solution adapted to its reality. Furthermore, the Health book module in SOFE HR and Payroll was already linked and integrated into its employee files, an important factor due to the difficulty of creating automatic gateways between the different systems (locally hosted and cloud-based). This software is now supporting the Municipality’s teams, particularly with departmental incident management and database maintenance.

The Challenges: Taxation

Currently, employees are using software whose interfaces date from the early 2000s. In addition to having to work with client interfaces that no longer correspond to its needs, several functions are not available, particularly those providing import/export of data. Additions or modifications in batches must be done manually. This laborious and onerous work has become problematic for the city of Sept-Îles. It has also been necessary to obtain PlanetPress licences for the printers, so that tax accounts can be printed on in-house forms. Over time, this old system has become obsolete, expensive and inefficient. What’s more, the company that implemented it was no long capable of providing the necessary updates. Dissatisfied with this situation, the city of Sept-Îles decided to implement SOFE Taxation in its place. This transition will benefit the employees because the gateways and interfaces between SOFE products are already in place, allowing for intercommunication of tools and interoperability of the system.

The Transition

The SOFE solution allows management to optimize employee training and learning time. There is no longer any need to navigate between different applications, since everything is now centralized. As a result, assimilation of knowledge has become optimal and employees are less apprehensive about using the system. Uniformity of both screens and functions in the SOFE product range is helping staff to better support platform users.

Use of the online portal leads to less paper waste and printing of tax accounts is no longer a concern for employees. The portal also allows citizens to consult, download and print their accounts directly online, saving the city of Sept-Îles some thousands of dollars and a considerable amount of time with postal items.

Now served by the Finance and HR/Payroll modules, and soon the Taxation module in Berger-Levrault’s SOFE suite, the city of Sept-Îles also benefits from the security and expertise of the Berger-Levrault team for support and software updates.

The Satisfaction

More than satisfied, this collaboration has allowed the city of Sept-Îles to make innovative advances. Over the years, a solid relationship based on confidence and collaboration has been built between Berger-Levrault and the city of Sept-Îles, allowing members of the Berger-Levrault team to ensure quality customer service and support based on excellence.

The Berger-Levrault team values its customers’ satisfaction and remains attentive to their needs. Furthermore, the team works energetically and displays perseverance in designing innovative solutions to ensure the technological evolution of the platform. The team at the city of Sept-Îles highlights the commitment and collaboration of the Berger-Levrault team, which has led to the software being enriched to an unparalleled degree and strengthened the partnership.

“The adaptability of the implementation structure of the SOFE suite, as well as the professionalism and remarkable attentiveness of all members of the Berger-Levrault team definitely makes this approach a genuine turnkey solution.”

About the city of Sept-Îles

With a population of 25,400, the city of Sept-Îles is part of the Regional County Municipality of Sept-Rivières, in the administrative region of Côte-Nord, Québec. Recognized for its proactive administrative management, it provides its employees with various services and software solutions including, among others, the HR and Payroll solution from the SOFE product range by Berger-Levrault. In conjunction with the implementation of this solution, the city of Sept-Îles has acquired various modules over the years, including Time Management, Health book and Taxation in January 2018. These solutions are now part of the employees’ daily lives.



January 2018

Acquisition of Scheduling Management, Health book and Taxation modules.


Stéphane Cyr

Manager – IT department

“The adaptability of the implementation structure of the SOFE suite, as well as the professionalism and remarkable attentiveness of all members of the Berger-Levrault team definitely makes this approach a genuine turnkey solution.”

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