Lead your digital transformation projects with Berger-Levrault

As a software and services editor, Berger-Levrault provides modular solutions to increase the efficiency of local authorities, health and medico-social establishments, educational institutions, business&industry, in a fast-changing environment.

At the crossroad of technological innovations, societal issues and changing uses, Berger-Levrault solutions transform complex environments into simple, practical and user-friendly tools, taking into account the cost rationalization that impact public and private entities.

We are by your side  to make your transformation successful.

Business sectors

Local authorities and public administration

In an challenging environment, we support local authorities and public administration by providing scalable solutions that meet the specific needs of each entity.

Healthcare and senior services

Healthcare and senior services structures work to improve patients’ health care journey and the care of elderly people in institutions or at home. Our solutions meet these requirements taking into account data security and interoperability.


In order to solve the complexity of organizing the physical and human resources of schools and universities, we have designed solutions to optimize the schedule of students and teachers while ensuring the best use of material and physical resources.

Business & industry

In order to improve performance and to meet service continuity requirements, our innovative computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), technical wealth management and asset management solutions are co-constructed in partnership with the major stakeholders from each sector, whether in industry, health, transport or services.

Softwares: our fields of expertise

Cloud, monitoring and security


Certified health data host, Berger-Levrault ensures data protection, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance for more than 6,500 SaaS or IaaS customers.

Outsourcing Monitoring & Management

BL.system care is an integrated tool for supervising computers and servers. Berger-Levrault provides daily monitoring and preventive technical assistance. Benefit from a high-performance antivirus solution complemented by a backup service in the heart of a sovereign cloud.

IT service continuity and security

Monitor your infrastructure in real time, monitor from your console (security updates, viruses, support) and backup to our sovereign HADS cloud.