A multi-sector international software publisher

Berger-Levrault devotes 90% of its digital business to supporting the day-to-day lives of public and private professionals and users: we provide management solutions, performance monitoring tools, for citizens, families and elected officials, health records, social action, dependency, schooling, education…

An illustrated presentation of Berger-Levrault, its markets, positioning and values.

Research and innovation: the drivers of our inventions

Berger-Levrault is committed to a research and innovation strategy, based in particular on artificial intelligence techniques, to stay ahead of and take ownership of future uses. Because we are convinced that tomorrow’s solutions come from shared thought processes, we work with experts, universities, authors and clients.

Some examples of research projects carried out by Berger-Levrault and its partners.

In short

Glocal: think global, act local

As a local partner, Berger-Levrault ensures that it meets the specific needs of its customers around the world.

Moving from collective intelligence towards creativity

Sharing knowledge and experience, optimizing solutions by building jointly with our customers and partners.
Our diversity and vitality are conducive to creativity.

Serving the digital transformation that benefits everyone

To ensure that the digitalization of trade simplifies our customers’ businesses and meets growing performance requirements.

A modular offering of multi-industry solutions

A vendor of software and legal databases, service and training, hosting hardware and IT networks provider

  • Government agencies and local public sector
  • Social and medical services
  • Health
  • Education and higher education
  • Businesses and industries

Making our customers and users benefit from the tremendous potential of the digital era

Because it is committed to the digital transformation serving the common good, Berger-Levrault offers secure, human-friendly software and solutions. Our aim is twofold: to provide businesses with powerful tools to perform get the job done under the best conditions and enable each user, at each stage of their life, to benefit from innovative digital services to ease daily relations with public or private businesses.

A borderless scope of actions

Innovating also means discovering new territories. For several years now, Berger-Levrault has been extending its know-how throughout the world on the 5 continents (America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania). Many start-ups and SMEs renowned in their sectors of activity for their expertise and technological skills have joined the Group. They have dynamically brought their skills and innovation capacities to build a continuous and improved offer.

Meeting technological challenges through industry expertise

Berger-Levrault supports its customers on a day-to-day basis, in their constantly renewed and ever-changing missions. It is an industrial player in multi-industry software, a true “technological driver” that understands the specificities of each industry, its activities and their constraints.
As a result of its creative culture, combined with its capital of experience and an exacting quality standard, Berger-Levrault provides its customers with digital solutions that are customized to their various industries. As a strong and sustainable local partner, the Berger-Levrault teams place customer satisfaction at the heart of their missions.

Shared values


It shows our respect to our customers who work for the common good.


It means adopting a humane vision by integrating the reality of our customers’ expectations. Listening, understanding, explaining, give meaning to action and promoting the well-being and development of our teams.

Giving up individual achievement

It is about choosing collective success over individual success. It is also about knowing how to tell the difference between what needs to be done to make the best choice.