Solutions for citizens across the world

Berger-Levrault designs solutions for local authorities and public administrations as well as public and private healthcare facilities, educational institutions, universities and private companies.

France, Canada & Spain

France is the historic cradle of
Berger-Levrault. The company is
at the heart of community life, well-placed to find the best innovative
solutions to meet users' expectations
and thus help their customers
embrace digital transformation.

Thanks to its Canadian entity
that offers the
SOFE, Coba and Infosilem software suites, Berger-Levrault
has strong positions in the
North American education
and administration sectors.

Berger Levrault began operating in
Spain in 2015 through its subsidiaries
Aytos, Absis and Tecnogeo,
thereby strengthening its position
in the European software
and services market
for public administration.

Berger-Levrault also runs large-scale export projects; in particular in Morocco,
where the company is in operation in the town of Tétouan, and in Belgium


Helping all citizens benefit from the amazing opportunities of the digital age

Berger-Levrault develops solutions for all public authorities, at state, regional and local community levels, as well as for both public and private education and health facilities. Its mission is to support public stakeholders in their professions and citizens in their daily lives (civil registry, health, education, social, business, legal, elections...). With one goal in mind: the digitalisation of interactions will be helpful to public services to make work easier and improve efficiency.

Berger-Levrault expertise

We provide our customers with the added value they expect from us, to help them find solutions to the technological challenges of digitalisation and to the ever-increasing performance requirements. Our employees are experts on each field covered and can give advice on every need of our customers around the world. We offer a wide range of services: software packages, specialised publications, documents and regulatory forms, digital business knowledge databases, computing networks and hosting packages...

A history of innovation


Beginning of operations in Spain


Beginning of operations in Canada


Berger-Levrault enters the health and medico-social sector


First management software for local communities was created


Trilingual publishing of the Napoleonic Code


Berger-Levrault publishing house was founded

Key figures 2017

50 300


reaching out millions
of potential citizens-users







in research and development

Innovation is the core mission
of Berger-Levrault

In the digital age, tools and the use of technology are constantly evolving, at an ever-increasing pace. It is for this reason that Berger-Levrault is committed to an ambitious research and innovation strategy, beginning by expanding the company’s services throughout the world.

Our R&D is supported not only by our internal resources, but also by around fifteen international research agreements with various universities covering a range of fields such as smart cities, digital trust, big data, new generation human-machine interface and connected devices.

These collaborations lead to many publications, transfer knowledge but also have concrete results, which are then implemented in the countries in which we operate.

Berger-Levrault Institute

As a real hub for innovation, Berger-Levrault Institute aims to promote and develop the skills needed for tomorrow for worldwide digitalisation. As more than just a school, Berger-Levrault also actively helps with training, exchanging knowledge and creating. Its services shall be offered to employees, customers and partners. It focuses on these 4 key purposes:





Berger-Levrault Foundation

To anchor its commitment within society, the group set up its foundation under the auspices of the Fondation de France, with the main objectives of providing support to educational and cultural projects, as well as of safeguarding cultural heritage.

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