Committed to innovation

26% of revenue is invested in research, innovation and the development of new digital uses:

  • Digitalization of exchanges and knowledge
  • New user services
  • Optimization of uses
  • Cloud and online services
  • Moving from paper to digital
  • New technologies which help enhance performance
  • Data and artificial intelligence

Our innovation system is based on thirty external partnerships with cutting-edge universities and prestigious laboratories which include INRIA, Télécom SudParis, LAAS, University of Barcelona, but also with important internal work within the BL Institute, whose scientific council is led by Milad Doueihi, an American academic who is an expert in digital humanism at the forefront of the society’ s digital transformation. By these means, Berger-Levrault is involved in a multidisciplinary approach.

In addition, our experts attend conferences to pass on and soak up the knowledge needed to speed up innovation. Our research is published frequently in international scientific journals.

To discover the latest news about the Technical Research & Innovation Department, visit the BL Research website.

Presentation of the RTID

Presentation of the Research and Technological Innovation Direction.

Committed to people

It is indeed our employees who are the source of our ideas. At Berger-Levrault, they are at the heart of actions and initiatives:

For citizens

  • We act as an ombudsman between city and citizen
  • We sponsor educational and cultural projects

For employees

  • We focus on training
  • We implement innovative collaborative practices
  • We have a disability policy

For students of higher education

To join the workforce for the first time or after of a period of inactivity:

  • We have a developer school
  • We have a second chance school
  • We have a vocational training class for students on work/study programs

Committed to the quality of customer service

Berger-Levrault is committed to serving its customers in four ways:

  • by providing flexible, customized support,
  • by forging a close relationship with them,
  • by possessing expert knowledge of their businesses,
  • by a shared determination by all employees to satisfy users with our solutions.

We are investing in new mechanisms enabling our customers to become more independent by including intelligent embedded user assistance in software and setting up an elearning platform enabling each learner to improve their skills at their own pace and according to their level.

Code of conduct of the Berger-Levrault Group

The Berger-Levrault Group, concerned about preserving its ethics and integrity, defines its commitments and ethical responsibilities through a Code of Conduct that all teams must respect in their daily activities and behaviors.

Download the Code of Conduct