From reflection to implementation, we participate in the major overhauls of governments to go digital.

Building jointly


Since the aughts, exchanges between governments and software vendors have become commonplace.The cooperation between governance and experience to successfully  transition to the age of e-administration  has put us in the best position to reflect, build jointly and implement the new modes of exchange between government, community and citizen.

Adapting to national contexts

The digital transition of public life is subject to different constraints from one country to another.In the countries where the Berger-Levrault Group operates, we support public policies.

In France, we opted very early to integrate all the actions contributing to digitalization.We implemented all useful technical and business components and systems: document digitization, electronic signature and initialing, remote transmission and related services.This work enabled the development and deployment of the BL.démat platform (a platform for digitalization), used by more than 10,000 local governments.

While providing expert support, we were also involved in the consultation in favor of electronic invoicing, the development and deployment of the Chorus portal operated by Agence pour l’informatique financière de l’État (a French agency). Our integrative solutions aim to facilitate exchanges in an open source environment in which the Berger-Levrault teams were very involved across the entire value chain.

In Spain, the government implemented in 2015 the legal obligation for local agencies to work in a “100% digital” environment between themselves and with third parties.This change is shared through an electronic monitoring institution whose key indicators are published each quarter.The “Tell-us-once” principle, allowing all government agencies in the territory access to a document sent once by the citizen is also one of the objectives of this transformation of uses, the completion of which is set for 2020.We offer our customers comprehensive support that goes beyond the technical part and which is focused on software to make it easier to bring about change at all levels of public life.

For long-term support

Anticipating, being there at the right time and at the right level, sharing the same desire to move forward everywhere: this is Berger-Levrault’s ambition, driven by our 400-year-old history of processing information, laws and regulations alongside governments.Logically, Berger-Levrault adopts a multidisciplinary and international organization to report the data that shed light on public life and design the offerings of tomorrow.