As a designer of tools for public life, Berger-Levrault supports its customers in promoting citizen participation in their territories.A mission through which the company perceives societal changes and the impact of digital on the governed, both as digital users of public services and as citizens involved in living together.

Increased scope of action


Historically, Berger-Levrault has supported local governments in the deployment of business management software.Whether for finance or human resources management, its know-how extends to so-called back-office activities that interface with users.The company thus supports government employees throughout the lives of citizens: vital records, school time and recreation, management of public spaces, etc.



Transforming local life

Since the past two years, we have enhanced our offering with the development of platforms for citizens; they can now conduct their business with government agencies online, whether simple – such as obtaining a birth certificate – or more complex, such as the possibility of reporting a technical glitch and accessing the follow-up of its resolution and participating in local life by giving their opinion.

Today, with more than 200 e-services offered, local governments of all sizes, in France, Canada, Spain and Morocco, the Berger-Levrault Group is involved in the digital transformation of public life in an international dimension.Faced with an explosion of services, our teams support local governments to help users understand digital tools, identify their potential and stimulate public life by adapting to local contexts: each region has its history, methods, priorities and uniqueness.However, it is part of a more comprehensive ecosystem from which it cannot escape.

Open architecture and interoperability

In pursuit of this objective of support, we built our offerings on open source technologies that are interoperable and facilitate the electronic exchange of information.Berger-Levrault has been able to form a hub for communication and exchanges; elected officials and local governments rely on reliable tools to manage public life.

More democracy

Collecting, integrating, processing and consolidating all information, streamlining and accelerating their processing as well as encouraging upward, downward and cross-functional exchanges between local governments and agencies:thanks to digital technology, the panel of citizens involved in the city’s life is broader and more diverse, with more precise interactions and face-to-face and remote contacts complementing each other to build living together.

By simplifying the pathways, by better listening to citizens and by offering mobile solutions, Berger-Levrault is a link in the chain for optimizing representative and participatory democracy in favor of a transparency of public life that the citizens so desire.