The City’ZEN Challenge, international and inter-school innovation competition, gives students in the IT field the opportunity to develop digital solutions that meet the major societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

The award ceremony of the 6th edition of the City’ZEN Challenge entitled “The Green Tech Competition!” took place on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, via videoconference.

For this 6th edition, students from our partner-schools carried out their own projects (Competition Track 1) or projects initiated by the employees and clients of Berger-Levrault (Competition Track 2).

Key figures of the 6th edition of the City'ZEN Challenge

  • 300 students mobilized
  • 62 projects incubated
  • 8 finalist teams for Competition Track 1
  • 4 winning projects for Competition Track 1
  • 4 finalist teams for Competition Track 2
  • 3 winning projects for Competition Track 2

The finalist-teams defended their projects in front of a jury composed of the Executive Committee members and the Top Managers of Berger-Levrault. They had 30 minutes to present their projects, show their promotional videos and make a demonstration of their prototypes.

The winning teams shared a total purse of €25,000 in prize money for their projects.

Laureates of Competition Track 1

  • 1st prize: CyTech, France

Context: ecology / work
Concept: A digital tool to help companies and employees to manage and optimize the organization of hybrid work.
Team members: Maximilien JUIF, Maxime BOUTIER, Cyril ANANDHAN
Berger-Levrault coach: Christophe GABETTE

Green Mote City'ZEN Challenge
  • 2d prize: Mohamed V University of Rabat, Morocco

Earth’s Hero
Context: environment / early childhood education / video games
Concept: A mobile game application designed to educate children about climate change in a fun and entertaining way
Team members: Ayoub HEBBAJ, Malika CHOUBRI, Karima KARIMA, Manal BERKANE, Hajar YOUSSOUFI, Chorouk HAMMI, Hajar ZRAITE
Berger-Levrault coach: Marouane AIT BOLBAROD

Earth's Hero City'ZEN Challenge
  • 3rd prize: Wild Code School, France

Context: environment / local economy / social action
Concept: A digital tool to measure the ecological quality of urban areas. For citizens, it’s a green Yuka for neighborhoods.
Team members: Alice BRAYE, Robin BAUDRU, Johan MABIT
Berger-Levrault Coach: Paul-Edoard IMBERT

Green Hood City'ZEN Challenge
  • 4th prize: ESILV, France

Context: environment / local food production / local economy
Concept: A mobile application to promote a more sustainable, local and social method of food production and consumption via shared community gardens.
Berger-Levrault coach: Cateline PUCCETTI

Biotop City'ZEN Challenge

Laureates of Competition Track 2

  • 1st prize: Université Mohamed V de Rabat, Maroc

Context: environment / social action
Concept: An application to encourage citizens to engage in eco-responsible actions near their homes.
Team members: Mouad SKALI, Brahim CHAFI, Ali RETAL, Zahrae DORHMI FATEM, Anass SBAI
Berger-Levrault Coach: Daniel VANETTI
Concept proposed by: Maxime PHILIPPOT

DEEDZ City'ZEN Challenge
  • 2d prize: ISMO, Maroc

Context: environment / local economy / social action
Concept: A local platform of participatory financing to encourage community and environmental initiatives.
Team members: Nisrin ABKIKAL, Ouail BARNI, Hajar JABRI, Anas HAYAY
Concept proposed by: Emilie GASC & Jesus Manuel MARTIN CANO

Fund Greenness City'ZEN Challenge
  • 3rd prize: Université SMBA, Maroc

Food Share
Context: environment / social action
Concept: A mobile application to redistribute surplus food from school canteens to families in need.
Team members: Kawtar BENOMAR, Chaimae ELCHEHAB, Mohammed GAROUANI, Mohammed BOUSSAID, Zakaria ETTRIOUI
BL Coach: Marouane AIT BOLBAROD
Concept proposed by: Sylvie THOMAS BELOUCIF

Food Share City'ZEN Challenge

A big thank you to all the participating teams for their work, their enthusiasm and their involvement.
Congratulations to the big winners of the 6th edition.