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Transform course scheduling with INFOSILEM Academic

Find the best time and room for your courses while respecting student requirements, and both instructor and space constraints.

  • Use course demand analytics and robust reporting to ensure a quality schedule and permit successful student registration.
  • Supporting online/hybrid learning modes as well as the traditional in-class model.
  • Create a collaborative planning and scheduling environment.
  • Integrate with other data sources or systems.
  • Optimize room and seat utilization, assigning best-fit rooms based on capacity, location preferences and physical characteristics.

Use course demand analytics to create the right online and in-class schedule

Use course demand analytics to support student progression and retention.

Quality schedules encourage degree completion. Our Course Demand Analytics provides visibility over how well your schedule fits the planned student progression.

A collaborative scheduling platform

A collaborative scheduling platform maximizing operational and scheduling efficiency.

Satisfy the needs of the many diverse stakeholders and participants in your scheduling process. Enhance departmental section planning and ease central scheduling bottlenecks with the proper distribution of responsibilities to the right people. Manage your course and room scheduling operations with a complete set of sophisticated tools. Your scheduling function is demanding; demand the right set of tools to perform at your best.

Features and modules

INFOSILEM | Berger-Levrault

Infosilem | Berger-Levrault is a suite of scheduling software recognized by higher education institutions for over 30 years. Our software enables colleges and universities to produce better student and faculty schedules, while optimizing campus operations and resources. The solutions enable automated and simplified creation of course and exam schedules while efficiently managing all event bookings throughout the campus.

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Professional Services

Berger-Levrault’s professional services team is there to support you: from helping to define your needs, to configuring the software, to ensuring it is fully adopted by users. Our subject matter experts are ready to help you drive efficiency and give you better control and greater visibility over your operations.


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