Taking care of our employees as much as our customers

“Allowing each and every employee to express their talents, offering motivating careers, fostering local support, encouraging collective intelligence, developing skills and creating mobility opportunities are the guidelines shared by management to ensure the fulfillment of the women and men that make up Berger-Levrault.”

Christophe Gabette, Head of Human Resources, Communication and CSR

Our mantra is to be inspired and inspiring

The Berger-Levrault Group is developing against a backdrop of deep changes and globalization: a continuously evolving regulatory environment, acceleration of the digital transformation, new interactions with users.

To back Berger-Levrault’s strategy, BL Institute has a daily commitment to transmitting knowledge, developing skills and improving talent.

Managerial support, project management, IT development and use of English are only a tiny fraction of the training actions implemented by Berger-Levrault.


employees trained


training hours


training sessions

Source : Berger-Levrault 2023 key figures


Berger-Levrault backs employees throughout their entire career with the company. We give them the opportunity to work in different businesses and countries. This type of mobility fosters versatility and an enhanced knowledge of the company’s organization.

Knowing how to change and improve talent means capitalizing on their experience and multi-expertise, with the aim of providing enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our employees share their experience