Let’s tech together!

We have great ambitions for the next four years via the BLueX strategic project. To achieve our growth objectives, we are counting on our collective strength, the talented women and men who proudly fly our company’s colors.

Let’s tech together! means belonging to the Berger-Levrault community that is active in the vast field of Tech. Stay yourself, grow and progress, achieve fulfillment in your actions, be committed to the collective effort to meet the challenges of the digital shift.


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Working together differently

We are convinced that encouraging employees to share their ideas and increase interaction boosts their creativity and enhances the meaning of their missions.

We are changing the way we work to adopt innovative, collaborative practices.

  • Work spaces designed with employees in mind
  • Telecommuting
  • Cultural integration of employees to make changes to the industries and areas of expertise where we work
  • Heightening awareness of the digital transformation
  • Link between foundational research and our solutions to bring about disruptive innovation


For Berger-Levrault, teamwork is a way to achieve success: it is about sharing knowledge and know-how for continuous mutual enhancement.

Opening up to a borderless world

A strong conviction shared by all employees is that innovation draws its strength from cultural diversity. We encourage mobility by giving employees the opportunity to work abroad as part of short- or long-term international projects. There are many employees who are willing to leave their comfort zone to broaden their horizons and have an experience that is part of building a global company.


Talent Story - BL Dev Mobility

Dorian Lizarralde and Loïc Mercier's testimonial after they left France to work as Developers in Quebec City as part of the BL Dev Mobility international program.

Knowing how to listen in order to act

Every year, we ask all our employees to anonymously evaluate their level of satisfaction with their work experience at Berger-Levrault.
In 2023, 1495 opinions were collected from 2023 respondents.


Response rate


Rate of recommendation of Berger-Levrault to friends


are satisfied with the way they can organize their professional life and personal responsibilities


feel that the company trusts them in their work

Source : Key Figures 2023

Our careers

The diversity of Berger-Levrault’s business offers a very broad range of careers and missions, whether they are in direct contact with our customers or in the back office, our employees contribute daily to Berger-Levrault’s expansion and customer satisfaction.

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