Do you share our vision of hiring?

“At Berger-Levrault, each employee can participate in the group effort to build and expand the company, no matter what their job.”

Christophe Gabette, Head of Human Resources, Communication and CSR

Hiring interviews

For an applicant, a job search is never simple, just as the job interview is seldom a fulfilling experience. At Berger-Levrault, we are convinced that an interview is a moment of dialog and an incredible springboard towards a shared adventure. You can’t imagine everything you are going to learn at Berger-Levrault. We can’t begin to suspect how much your talent is going to make us grow.

Our diversity commitment

Berger-Levrault’s 40,000 clients are at the service of the world’s citizens. To reflect this diversity, Berger-Levrault is committed to considering each applicant on equal footing according to objective criteria. As a signatory of the diversity charter since 2011, we are convinced that this process makes a big contribution to our performance and the quality of our relationship with labor.

Glocal hiring

The satisfaction we bring to our customers requires us to think locally. Our worldwide locations offer a great variety of opportunities that are often near you.

The quality of our talents