On 11 May 2021, the jury of City’ZEN Challenge announced the 8 finalist projects of the students who proposed the project-ideas (Competition Track 1) and who participated in the 2nd qualification round of this international inter-school innovation competition.

Each team is accompanied and supported by a coach at Berger-Levrault for 3 months and a half, who contributes to the development of their project.

The selection process is based on the evaluation given by the coaches and Kyle Mahoney, the creator and manager of the competition.

A big thank you to all the participating teams for their investment, their innovative ideas and their hard work throughout these recent months.

Discover the 8 finalist projects of the partner-schools

Institute Specialised in Offshoring Professions (ISMO) in Tetouan, Morocco

  • Donate Life

Context: Health / blood donation

The concept:

The strict and restrictive measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic caused a severe lack in the country’s blood banks. This situation has become dramatic for blood cancer and haemophilia patients.

Our idea is to create a mobile application that will facilitate the blood donation process by linking blood donation centres to donors, which will help to maintain a stable and sufficient blood stock and therefore save lives.


  • DPO Health Care (Doctor Pharmacy Online)

Context: eHealth care

The concept:

Our solution will allow doctors to write prescriptions and send them to all pharmacies using the mobile application. After confirmation, the patient will receive a list of the pharmacies that have the medication he or she needs. Using a specific identification number, the patient will either go to the pharmacy or place an order online.

In addition, databases of patients will be added to this application as all their medical information will be stored. This will considerably reduce medical errors and also save patients time and money as they will not have to repeat, for example, medical tests they have already done.

EPITECH Barcelona, Spain

  • Medic’App

Context: eHealth / Healthcare for elderly persons / Care or retirement homes

The concept:

Medic’App is an application designed to help elderly persons organise their medication intake, and to provide them the location of the nearest pharmacies and emergency services. The application will include an “alarm” system in which the user configures the name of the medication and the frequency of intake that will appear through a phone notification.

Other features considered include an appointment calendar, an SOS button to call an emergency contact and reminders to purchase a new medicine when it is out of stock.

SIMPLON Occcitanie – Toulouse, France

  • Benevid

Context: Solidarity / health care / social services

The concept:

The idea is to create a mobile application to help people suffering from isolation (for example, due to COVID) by facilitating their daily life. It will connect them with volunteers in their neighbourhood who will provide them various services such as: purchase/delivery of groceries, food and other essential supplies, handiwork services and/or household chores, administrative tasks, etc.

ECE Paris – France

  • Claydd

Context: COVID / Health / Disease prevention

The concept:

How can we make people aware of the need for better and more effective handwashing?

Our solution is to create a user experience for establishments receiving the public. It will be an interactive educational display consisting of a screen, a dispenser and a compartment. The screen will display a video showing the most optimal way to wash hands. The dispenser, highlighted on the display, will offer users a disinfectant solution. This solution is a combination of hydro-alcoholic solution and fluorescent solution/powder. Users can use it to wash their hands, following the video or not, as they wish. They can then test the overall distribution of the product on their hands. To do this, they will simply place their hands in a black compartment.

The fluorescent solution, which is charged with energy by exposure to light, will illuminate in the dark. Thanks to a camera, the user will be able to see the result. In addition, artificial intelligence can be used to calculate the percentage of surfaces covered during hand washing and compare this result with those of other users. The terminal will indicate that the experiment data is collected for this purpose.

ESILV Paris – La Défense, France


Context: Services to citizens / Local authorities / Electronic documents

The concept:

The objective is to simplify access to identity papers thanks to a mobile application, while guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of personal data. The dematerialization of documents, allows to avoid oversight and long administrative procedures in case of theft or loss.

The application is highly secured thanks to double encryption technology.


  • Vegegreen

Context: Local trade and agriculture / environment / health / solidarity

The concept:

VegeGreen is an application of exchange of products between individuals of the same neighbourhood which allows each one to produce locally what he or she wishes and in the interest of a whole community.

The goal is simple: to use this application to allow a connection between the actors producing on a local scale (small producers, farms, people owning a vegetable garden…) and the potential buyers of these products (private individuals).  The interest is to encourage local supply chains, meetings and mutual help.

Owners of gardens can leave free access to them so that others can come and maintain them and cultivate their products.


  • GO2R

Context: Environment / trade and retail / food and textile production

The concept:

To create a free mobile application to learn about the carbon footprint of food and textile consumer products. The carbon footprint will be calculated on the basis of several recognized environmental factors.

In addition, the application will offer alternative products (in terms of price and quality) that have a lower carbon footprint.

About the City'ZEN Challenge 

The City’ZEN Challenge, created in 2015, is at the heart of Berger-Levrault’s international strategy to encourage and to invest in the next generation of leaders who will transform the life of the citizens through innovation and technological evolution. This initiative aims to support and to reward IT students in the crystallization of their technological projects in order to re-imagine the future of the territories and thus, to meet to the major societal challenges of the 21st century.

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