The call for projects for the 6th edition of the City’ZEN Challenge, an international inter-school competition, ended on November 29, 2021.

  • 27 projects were proposed by student-teams at our partner schools.

The jury, composed of members of the Berger-Levrault management team, selected, not without difficulty, the 12 finalist project teams that will participate in the second stage of the competition.

  • 35 projects were proposed by our clients, partners and employees.

This same jury selected 6 finalist projects which were attributed to student-teams motivated to develop innovative ideas.

Each team will be supported by a Berger-Levrault coach whose main role is to contribute to the development of each innovative concept. The close collaboration between the students and the coaches will last 6 months, until the presentation in front of the final grand jury scheduled for June 22, 2022.

A big thank you to all the students who worked on quality projects but were not selected.

The 12 finalist projects proposed by students from Berger-Levrault's partner schools

FactoríaF5, Spain

  • Go Clean to be Green!

Context: environment / waste management / social action

Concept: An application to facilitate the organization and mobilization of local social action in order to clean up polluted areas in local communities and turn them into “green zones”.

  • My Pedagogical Garden

 Context: environment / education / local economy

Concept: A mobile application to educate children about the values and skills of urban gardening while promoting healthy eating and local economies.


Mohamed V University of Rabat, Morocco

  • Pixel Community

Context: Local community / social action / environment

Concept: A blockchain-based social platform to encourage citizens to engage in local social and environmental actions by rewarding them with crypto tokens.

  • Earth’s Hero

Context: environment / early childhood education / video games

Concept: A mobile game application designed to educate children about climate change in a fun and entertaining way.


SMBA University of Fes, Morocco

  • Smart Medical card

Context: medical / social / environmental

Concept: An NFC smart card that will provide real-time access to multiple medical data to improve patient care and optimize emergency interventions.

  • Alert’n’Act

Context: environment / local community / social

Concept: A social network application that will propose a heat map of an entire city with its environmental and social problems in order to allow citizens to mobilize community actions.

ISMO, Morocco

  • BioProduk

Context: environment / sustainable consumption / health

Concept: A mobile application to allow consumers to identify locally produced and/or organic products in order to promote sustainable consumption, healthy food and local supply chains.


ETS Montreal, Canada

  • EcoStore

Context: environment / sustainable consumption / e-commerce

Concept: An application that will allow consumers to do their organic shopping in a more efficient, sustainable and affordable way.


CyTech, France

  • Green’mote

Context: ecology / work

Concept: A digital tool to help companies and employees manage and optimize hybrid work organization.


ESILV, France

  • Biotop

Context: environment / local food production / local economy

Concept: A mobile application to promote a more sustainable, local and social method of food production and consumption via shared community gardens.


Wild Code School, France

  • Greenhood

Context: environment / local economy / social action

Concept: A digital tool to measure the ecological quality of urban areas. For citizens, it is a green Yuka for neighborhoods.


EMSI, Morocco

  • Don’t throw it, donate it!

Context: environment / recycling / social action / local economy

Concept: A clothing donation platform committed to a “zero waste” approach to allow users to reduce waste and CO2 emissions, and to engage in social solidarity actions.

The 6 finalist projects conceived by Berger-Levrault's clients, partners and employees

Each finalist project will be developed by a team of students from one of our partner schools:

Mohamed V University of Rabat, Morocco

  • Concept 1: An application to encourage citizens to engage in eco-responsible actions near their homes.

ISMO, Morocco

  • Concept 2: A local crowdfunding platform to encourage community and environmental initiatives.

SMBA University of Fes, Morocco

  • Concept 3: A mobile application to redistribute surplus food from school canteens to families in need.
  • Concept 4: A digital solution to make waste collection more efficient at the neighborhood or community level.

EMSI, Morocco

  • Concept 5: A digital tool to facilitate natural disaster management in urban areas.

FactoríaF5, Spain

  • Concept 6: A solution that will divide a city into geographic sectors to improve and increase the quality of information for the inhabitants of a specific neighborhood.

THE GREEN TECH COMPETITION, the 6th edition of the City'ZEN Challenge

The Berger-Levrault City’ZEN Challenge, created in 2015, is Berger-Levrault’s international inter-school innovation competition. It aims to sponsor and reward IT students in the realization of innovative solutions. These solutions are intended to improve the lives of citizens while meeting the major social, societal and environmental challenges of the 21st century.