“Every problem has its solution. It is always rewarding and motivating to participate in the solving of a given problem. Berger-Levrault allows me to take on challenges on a larger scale!”

The knowledge and skills of an experienced team are precious when it comes to weathering the storms.

1993-2006 – Stéphane has held several positions within COBA, now a subsidiary of Berger-Levrault Canada. He started as a programmer for the financial management software. He quickly became an analyst-programmer and then took part in the decision-making process for the software’s upgrades alongside the Senior Analyst.
2006-2009 – He has been promoted to the position of Finance/HR/Payroll Software Coordinator. His years of experience earned him the position of Team Leader.
2009-2017 – He took on a new challenge and became the Lead Analyst and team leader of the HR-Payroll software.
Since 2017 – Stéphane is carrying on his journey at Berger-Levrault as Senior Advisor for Architecture and Design of 3 software ranges: HR-Payroll, Finance and Facilities Management.