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Meet Medicine Hat College, a comprehensive public college serving southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan. The college is located in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta, and provides over 6,000 students with an array of choices from apprenticeship trade programs, continuing education studies and courses toward degree completion.

Medicine Hat College was inundated with years of complex spreadsheets, reports and data collection, all being handled manually by a single dedicated individual who would be retiring soon. The College’s room bookings software was at the end of its life as well. And there had been a rumor that the college’s rooms were underutilized in the evenings. Talk about operational complexity and an absolute need for powerful and effective scheduling software with a great platform!

Enter…Infosilem Enterprise and Timetabler!

The college’s registrar’s office, their associate vice-president and vice-president of academic reached out to the Infosilem| Berger-Levrault team to inquire about their scheduling software products in order to meet the college’s overwhelming needs. Operational efficiency was certainly lacking. The college needed to have complex reports compiled, run various scheduling scenarios and provide evidence for decision-making. Countless concerns such as room schedules, room inventory and maintaining all the information so it could be shared at a glance were essential components in relieving staff of having to send out emails and keep track. An automated and personalized approval workflow in real time was essential! “What-if” scenarios were crucial, as well as generating all the reports and timetables.

“The system allows you to play with scenarios to see how to approach or manage changes, which is much better that just trying something in the live schedule on a gut instinct and having it be a poor choice,” said Brier Albano, Associate Registrar of Medicine Hat College.

“Both Enterprise and Timetabler have increased our capacity for decision-making by providing accurate data on our room usage and where our trouble areas are,” added Brier.

Medicine Hat College knew of Infosilem’s solid North American reputation for working with colleges and universities. They learned that Infosilem | Berger-Levrault provided better student and faculty scheduling, optimized campus operations and resources and structured all operations through powerful algorithms.

An automated and simplified solution

With Infosilem’s Enterprise software, room bookings are optimized. With Timetabler, student’s choices are maximized through enhanced course scheduling. The ideal mix!

“Infosilem’s products provided the most functionality and they had exceptional peer-to-peer reviews. Other organizations already using Infosilem | Berger-Levrault had indicated that they really loved the people they worked with from sales to implementation,” said Brier.

“I cannot say enough kind things about the team suggestions, their guidance and their overall knowledge of the products. From the project manager to the customer services of Infosilem’s Scheduling Solutions, they understood what we needed, what we were saying. They knew how the post-secondary world works and took the time to determine how the language we use at our college maps to Infosilem | Berger-Levrault, and then used that language with us in order to make implementation very easy. All our data needs were more than met. And we met many other amazing people through the implementation process as well. It’s fair to say that the most positive Infosilem | Berger-Levrault feature we experienced was the skill level of the people who work for the company,” added Brier.

A Perfect Fit

As a result of Infosilem’s ability to align with Medicine Hat College’s business processes, it was a perfect fit. Infosilem | Berger-Levrault understood the College’s exact needs.

The software solutions were able to mimic the needs of the College’s current processes and created scenarios for new possible processes.

“Infosilem | Berger-Levrault gave us the chance to take the success we had in the way we had been scheduling and grow. Using our current scheduler had been successful for us, but the Infosilem | Berger-Levrault product allowed us to focus less on recopying data, and focus more on creative solutions for our challenges,” said Brier.

“By providing data, improving our ability to play with scenarios and record institutional knowledge into the product, we have reduced our overall risk and expanded our creativity to make schedules that work for staff, students and faculty,” added Brier.




Savings of time


Brier Albano

Associate Registrar

“Infosilem | Berger-Levrault’s products provided the most functionality and they had exceptional peer-to-peer reviews. Other organizations already using Infosilem | Berger-Levrault had indicated that they really loved the people they worked with from sales to implementation.”

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