The Challenge

The Villanova University had to bring efficiency to its scheduling operations. The manual process in place no longer served the community adequately, even though the scheduler was working 15 to 20 extra hours a week and had hired work-study students to help.

Given the campus-wide initiative, combined with an earlier attempt at implementing another space scheduling solution, this project was monitored closely by upper management and had a high profile with faculty and staff. “This was not a small ticket item for Enrollment Management; we were under pressure internally to make this work,” said Catherine Connor, Associate Dean of Enrollment Management.

Quick and easy adoption

The speed of adopting the new way to book space with INFOSILEM ENTERPRISETM and the way it has eased demand on Registrar’s Office staff is a testament to the success of the project. “The Office of the Registrar has been involved with many technical projects and we have learned from those experiences. As a result, the professional services of Infosilem matched well with the Registrar and IT teams at Villanova for a successful implementation,” added Pam Braxton, Registrar.

Self-service Efficiency

INFOSILLEM ENTERPRISE PORTALTM, implemented at Villanova in addition to INFOSILLEM ENTERPRISETM, provided the ability to engage end users directly in the process of booking their own space. Through granular control of roles and responsibilities, the central scheduling office can easily monitor who has access to the University’s rooms and when. The need for emails, phone calls and visits to reserve rooms is all but eliminated. The Scheduling Office is more efficient and the University delivers better services – it’s a win-win situation.

Time-Saving solution

Transferring the right level of scheduling access and capabilities to the end user through the self-service INFOSILLEM ENTERPRISE PORTALTM has resulted in enough time-saving for the scheduling team to now address efficiency in the production of the master course schedule. With the same team, minus all part-time work-study students, the Enrollment Management division actually achieves more.

The Results

The introduction of the INFOSILEM ENTERPRISE™ solution provided the University community with the tools needed to create their own room bookings. By lightening the ad hoc workload of the Scheduling Office and streamlining the overall process, the University was able to:

  • Concentrate on improving the academic schedule for students and instructors;
  • Report on institution-wide key performance indicators related to room usage;
  • Focus on mission-critical academic administration processes without the burden and interruption of ad hoc booking management;

About Villanova University

Villanova University, located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a private research institution founded in the Augustinian Catholic tradition. Villanova University prepares more than 10,000 undergraduate, graduate and law students to become ethical leaders who create positive change everywhere life takes them.


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Catherine Connor

Associate Dean of Enrollment Management

“The success we have experienced rolling out self-service scheduling to faculty, students and staff has freed up enough of our staff’s time to now take on the more challenging project of efficiently managing classroom scheduling.”

Carolyn Bruce

Associate Registrar

“Our initial intention was to ease into its deployment, but the ENTERPRISE training and implementation support we received from Infosilem allowed us to move the timeline for opening self-service booking to faculty, staff and students months earlier.”

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Pam Braxton


“We have been able to implement a much better, more user-friendly and intuitive self-service process to the satisfaction of many.”

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