This web page contains the Mobile Application Privacy Policy published by Berger-Levrault Canada (BL CANADA), this information is to be used when the COBA CAMPUS mobile application or any other mobile application hereinafter “the Mobile Application” made available by BL Canada to an educational institution is put online, but is not limited to it.

Any user who does not adhere to all or part of this privacy policy undertakes to immediately stop using the Mobile Application. Any continued use will automatically and without further formality be deemed to be acceptance of this policy.


With the development of new communication tools, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the protection of privacy. For this reason, BL Canada is committed to respect the privacy of the personal information that the Mobile Application collects.

Warning: the Mobile Application developed by BL Canada is provided by contract to an educational institution which, in this context, may make it available to its students, the legal representatives of the students, teachers and employees of the educational institution, hereinafter referred to as “Authorized Users”.

BL Canada guarantees to any Authorized User that it will implement all existing measures to ensure that the Authorized User’s personal information is protected in accordance with the laws governing the protection of privacy.

Collection of personal data

The mobile application collects the following information about the Authorized User:

  • The Surname/First name
  • The e-mail address
  • The permanent code (student ID at the Ministry of Education levels).
  • The DA number (student identifier in the educational institution’s management system).

The list of services and functionalities offered to the Authorized User is established by the educational institution.

Some of the features offered by the Mobile Application are collaborative in nature between authorized users only, such as the internal messaging service.

Some services of the Mobile Application require that the Mobile Application is able to collect images and other information from the camera and photos of the Authorized User’s phone or device. This access is required in particular to allow a document to be attached when sending a message via internal messaging.

The personal data contained in the mobile application concerns pupils and families, and is provided by the educational institution in which they are enrolled.

The Educational Institution is committed to provide all its care in the quality of the information disseminated. However, these are indications which, under no circumstances, could be considered authentic instead of the usual documents.

The data contained in the Mobile Application may be modified at any time and without notice. The data provided are for information purposes only without contractual value.

Despite all the care taken, errors cannot be completely ruled out. Despite regular updates, the Educational Institution cannot be held responsible for any changes in administrative and legal provisions that occur after publication. Similarly, the Educational Institution shall not be held responsible for the use and interpretation of the information contained on this site; the Educational Institution shall make every effort to ensure the security of the information collected and verified.

While using the Mobile Application, the Authorized User may access personal data but must formally refrain from any voluntary collection, unauthorized use and any act that may constitute an invasion of privacy and/or reputation of persons. The Educational Institution declines any responsibility in this regard.

Only the Authorized User has access to the Mobile Application after entering a password provided exclusively by the educational institution either to the Authorized User’s legal representative if the latter is a minor, or directly to the Authorized User if the latter is an adult. The holder of a password may only access information concerning him or her or the persons for whom he or she is legally responsible. To optimize the confidentiality of consultations, a secure password is required and its renewal is automated.

All information entered by the Authorized User is strictly limited to the needs defined by the educational institution when using the mobile application.

For performance purposes, a copy of this Authorized User’s personal data is stored in the Authorized User’s device. This information is deleted when the Authorized User logs out or when the user uninstalls the mobile application.

Right of access, opposition
and withdrawal

The authorized user has a right of access and rectification to the data subjects wishing to consult, modify or even delete the information concerning him/her.

The educational institution that makes the Mobile Application available offers the Authorized User a right of objection and withdrawal with respect to his or her personal information.

The right of opposition is defined as the possibility given to the authorized user to refuse that his or her personal information is used for certain purposes mentioned at the time of collection. The right to opt out is defined as the ability to request that personal information be removed from, for example, a mailing list.

To be able to exercise these rights, only the educational establishment is competent at the address mentioned in the legal notices of the mobile application (under “About”).

Log files

BL Canada does not collect any personal data directly in the Mobile Application or use a cookie except for a token linked to the Authorized User’s mobile phone, which is used EXCLUSIVELY for the recovery of identifiers for a maximum period of 30 days. Beyond that, access to the Mobile Application requires the Authorized User to re-authenticate. In the event that the password is forgotten, the Authorized User must request the creation of a new password via the dedicated web portal of the Educational Institution.

For research and statistical purposes only, BL Canada collects and stores the following information in the log files of its servers:

  • The way the service concerned has been used, such as your search requests.
  • The IP address of the Authorized User, the Date and Time of Use, his Unique Identifier, data on his geographical position according to the parameters defined on his telephone and his Educational Institution.
  • Data relating to events related to the device used, such as crashes, system activity, hardware settings, browser type and language, date and time of the request and source URL.

This warehouse allows BL Canada to produce summary statistics for educational institutions so that they can evaluate the use of the tools they make available free of charge to the Authorized User.

Disclosure of personal information

No advertising or commercial incentives are present on the Mobile Application. BL Canada does not disclose personal data to any third party in accordance with applicable law. Under no circumstances is the data transmitted to BL Canada partners.


The personal information that BL Canada collects for statistical purposes are stored in a secure environment. Persons working for BL Canada are required to respect the confidentiality of information.

To ensure the security of personal information, BL Canada uses the following measures:

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol
  • Access management – authorized person
  • Access management – data subject
  • Computer Backup
  • Digital certificate development
  • Login / Password
  • Firewalls (Firewalls)

BL Canada is committed to maintaining a high level of confidentiality by incorporating the latest technological innovations to ensure data confidentiality. However, since no single mechanism provides maximum security, there is always some risk when using the Internet to transmit personal information.