Working together differently

We are convinced that encouraging employees to share their ideas and interact boosts their creativity and enhances the meaning of their missions.

We are changing the way we work to adopt innovative collaborative practices.

  • work spaces designed with employees in mind
  • telecommuting
  • The cultural integration of employees to make changes in the industries and areas of expertise in which we work
  • bringing awareness of the digital transformation
  • the link between foundational research and our solutions to bring about disruptive innovation


For Berger-Levrault, team work is a way to achieve success: it is about sharing knowledge and know-how for continuous mutual enhancement.

Work colleagues discussing during their break.

Opening up to a borderless world

A strong conviction shared by all employees is that innovation draws its strength from cultural diversity. We encourage mobility by giving employees the opportunity to work abroad as part of a short or long-term international projects. There are many employees who are willing to leave their comfort zone to broaden their horizons and live an experience that is part of building a global company.

Meeting conference call with foreign colleagues.

Knowing how to listen in order to act: Happy AtWork survey

Lifelong learning is part of all our businesses, solutions, environment and work philosophy. To learn and improve, you have to act. To act, you first have to listen. The HappyAtWork survey helps identify and understand employee opinions.

In 2017, we wanted to survey all of our employees; 1,005 opinions were gathered out of 1,456 employees surveyed, i.e. a participation rate of 69%.

Our careers

The diversity of Berger-Levrault’s business offers a very broad range of careers and missions: be they in direct contact with our customers or in the back office, our employees contribute daily to Berger-Levrault’s expansion and customer satisfaction.

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The job of developer is the core of Berger-Levrault’s business. Developers drive technological design: they analyze, configure and code software and applications according to specifications. They conduct related tests before delivery to customers. They are also in charge of software and application development (maintenance and updates). Our developers must be trained periodically on the latest technologies in order to integrate them into our software. In 2013, we set up a Developers’ school as part of the BL Institut in France which trained more than 40 developers.

Product Owners

“Coordination, Planning and Prioritizing” are the key words of the mission of Berger-Levrault’s Product Owners. Working closely together with our in-house teams and pilot customers, they stand out through their involvement, responsiveness and listening skills to jointly build Berger-Levrault products. They prioritize needs to add value to the products. They work on several missions concurrently and learn new skills from their diverse experiences.


Berger-Levrault salespersons work on the field with a true appetite for sales and incredible ease for relationships. They are always ready to listen to customers’ needs. They are good at analyzing a situation and they provide customers with support from identifying their need to providing them with the best solution.

Salespersons monitor their business to predict and detect customer expectations.


Berger-Levrault trainers are business specialists who know how to teach and make themselves available to customers to train them in using our software.

They are independent, good with relationships and versatile. Trainers are able to understand the context and customer expectations quickly and configure the software.  They receive periodic training in software and regulatory developments. They are the gateway between customers and the technical departments. They travel and conduct remote training daily.

Training Consultants

Training Consultants provide expertise in software and customer equipment use.

They are experts in their business; this allows them to analyze specific customer needs and conduct audits before they deploy software. Using their knowledge, they configure customer software and train and assist customers in software use. They target Major Accounts (cities and establishments with more than 10,000 inhabitants).

Support technicians

Berger-Levrault support technicians process customer assistance requests to guide them in the use of the software and provide them with advice.

Support technicians receive training on Berger-Levrault products as soon as they are hired. They are backed daily by a supervisor to help them learn skills effectively. They add to the software knowledge bases to optimize monitoring the customer relationship.


“Facilitating, Bringing Together, and Supporting” are the bywords of the Berger-Levrault manager.

They have the opportunity of rising to new challenges to add spice to their daily work: giving meaning to each employee’s missions, mobilizing and creating a dynamic, supporting the acquisition of skills by the employees to reach shared targets.

Like orchestra conductors, managers convey cues from Management to employees. They take part in hiring and helping new employees to fit in and find fulfillment on a daily basis.

Support staff

Support staff contribute to Berger-Levrault’s daily operations. They are not directly involved in the software development process but play a major role. Berger-Levrault’s support staff include the legal, HR, finance, accounting, marketing, communication, database management, procurement, quality and IT systems departments.

Our locations


Site of Arpaillargues

Avenue Aliziers 30700 Arpaillargues

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt

892 st. Yves Kermen 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Champigneulles

525 st. André Ampère 54250 Champigneulles

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Frelinghien – Segilog

St. André Marie Ampère 59236 Frelinghien

Phone: +33 820 005 460 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Horbourg-Wihr

Epona Business center (build. 2) 5 st. Ribeauvillé 68180 Horbourg-Wihr

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Labège

64 st. Jean Rostand 31670 Labège

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of La Chapelle-sur-Erdre

3 st. Finistère 44240 La Chapelle-sur-Erdre

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of La Ferté-Bernard – Segilog

St. Eguillon ZI road Mamers 72400 La Ferté-Bernard

Phone: +33 820 005 460 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Limonest – CARL Software

361 alley Noisetiers 69760 Limonest

Phone: +33 4 26 29 49 49

Site of Lyon

Campus Verrazzano 1 place Verrazzano 69009 Lyon

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Pérols

Le Mila 195 st. Alfred Sauvy 34477 Pérols

Phone: +33 820 875 875 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Villeneuve-sur-Lot – Sigems

L'Octogone - BP 224 St. Marguerite and René Filhol ZAE Parasol 47300 Villeneuve-sur-Lot

Phone: +33 5 53 49 19 38 (service 0,20€/min. + call-price)

Site of Barcelona

St. Alaba 140-144 3º floor 08018 Barcelona

Phone: +34 934 864 600

Fax: +34 901 022 783

Site of Ecija

Av. Blas Infante 6 2° floor 41400 Ecija

Phone: +34 955 134 524

Fax: +34 955 900 224

Site of Granada


Phone: +34 955 134 524

Site of Lleida

AV. Dr. Fleming 15 8th floor, door 2 25006 Lleida

Phone: +34 973 22 20 48

Site of Madrid

St. Santa Engracia 151 7° floor, of. 1 28003 Madrid

Phone: +34 910 609 957

Site of Seville

Av. Diego Martínez Barrios 10 1° floor, of. 11 41013 Seville

Phone: +34 955 134 524

Site of Valencia

Building Trade Center I Profesor Beltrán Báguena 4° floor, of. 405-A-6 46009 Valencia

Phone: +34 963 459 235

Site of Brussels – CARL Software

Business center Easy Work, Waterloo Office Park Drève de Richelle 161, Build. H 1410 Waterloo

Phone: +32 (0)2 529 58 75

Site of Torino – CARL Software

St. Livorno 60 10144 Torino

Phone: +39 011 225 78 11

Site of Blainville – Infosilem

99 Émilien Marcoux Of. 201 Blainville, Quebec J7C 0B4

Phone: +1 450 420 - 5585

Phone: +1 866 420 - 5585

Site of Laval

2130 Bld DAGENAIS O #200 Laval QC H7L 5X9

Phone: +1 514 251-2622

Site of Quebec

990, avenue Bourgogne, suite 520 Québec, Québec G1W 0E8

Phone: +1 418 780-1400

Phone: +1 866 780-1400

Site of Rabat

Corner avenue Annakhil & bypass road, Hay Riad Zenith center, of. 201 10110 Rabat

Phone: +212 6 34511828

Site of Tetouan

Tetouanshore Park - SHORE 4 - Local 001 Martil Road Cabo Negro 93150

Phone: +212 6 34511828

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