Taking care of our employees as much as our customers

“Allowing each and every employee to express their talents, propose motivating careers, fostering local support, encouraging collective intelligence, developing skills and creating mobility opportunities are the guidelines shared by management to ensure the fulfillment of the women and men that make up Berger-Levrault.“

Christophe Gabette, General Affairs Director

Our mantra is to be inspired and inspiring

The Berger-Levrault Group is developing against a backdrop of deep changes and globalization: continuously evolving regulatory environment, acceleration of the digital transformation, new interactions with users.

To back Berger-Levrault’s strategy, the BL Institute has a daily commitment to transmitting knowledge, developing skills and improving talent.

Managerial support, project management, IT development and use of English are only a tiny fraction of the training actions implemented by Berger-Levrault.


employees trained


training hours

Source : Berger-Levrault 2018 key figures


Berger-Levrault backs employees throughout their entire career with the company. We give them the opportunity of working in different businesses and countries. This type of mobility fosters versatility and an enhanced knowledge of the company’s organization.

Knowing how to change and improve talent is to capitalize on their experience and multi-expertise with the aim of providing enhanced customer satisfaction.

Yann Guyonnet, 43 years old
Director Median Market Department France

Yann Guyonnet, Director Median Market Department France.

“Berger-Levrault gave me the opportunity of changing businesses often while staying in the same one for 10 years!”


Using your multiple skills to enjoy a fruitful career

2007 – Yann joins Berger-Levrault as management Controller
2010 – Because of his success and potential, he is promoted to Director Child Business Unit
2012 – He is tapped to work in two additional businesses: Technical Departments and Public Procurement
Since 2015 – Yann is Director Median Market Department France; he manages a 200-person team who fosters customer loyalty daily by adapting to their new uses



Julie Yansse, 29 years old
Project Manager Major Accounts

Julie Yansse, Prospective and global studies Director.

“Being able to change jobs and geographical sectors, depending on my expectations and desires!”


Quick rise up the ladder in customer project management

2012 – Julie is hired as a trainer in the French department of Pas-de-Calais
2014 – She is promoted to project manager of small and medium cities and moves to the French city of Lyon
2017 – She becomes part of the Major Accounts Project Management Team Division at the Pérols site in southern France (Montpellier)



Stéphane Aitelli, 44 years old
Business Engineer

Stéphane Aitelli, Business Engineer.

“Berger-Levrault allowed me to develop and acquire expertise of the medical and social business.
The more you work, the luckier you become. This motto worked for me.“


Making the customer relationship his core business

2004 – Stéphane joined Berger-Levrault as a support technician with the Customer Service Division
2010 – Because of his in-depth product knowledge, ease with relationships and willingness to share his knowledge, he was a natural fit for customer trainer
2015 – Because of his in-depth field knowledge, he is promoted to Pre-Sale Consultant
2017 – He leverages his strong business skills by joining the product marketing department as a product manager
2019 – Stéphane becomes part of the Sales Division as business engineer



Christelle Gonzalez, 47 years old
Designer Developer

Christelle Gonzalez, Designer Developer.

“Berger-Levrault allowed me to be part of an overall project with a shared goal while offering the opportunity to grow my skills. I came away from this experience as a much better professional and person.”


When business knowledge works in the service of coding!

2001 – Christelle joined Berger-Levrault as a support technician with the Customer Service Division
2004 – She specializes in HR expertise to become acceptance manager of the e.magnus HR line
2007 – She is promoted to Consultant with the HR business line
2009 – She wants to become a business analyst to model the needs of HR users
2015-2016 – She again changes careers by joining the Berger-Levrault developers’ school
Since 2017 – She leverages her dual skill-set as designer developer for the Sedit HR solution



Emmanuel Hellegouarc'h, 47 years old
Prospective and global studies Director

Emmanuel Hellegouarc'h, Prospective and global studies Director.

“Berger-Levrault gave me a ton of opportunities throughout my entire career.“


Moving from an overall field experience in France toward a global strategy

1996 – He joins Berger-Levrault as a Trainer and Customer Support Technician
1998 – He jumps on the opportunity to become a technical sales engineer in the north of France because of his business skills and ability to form relationships
2000 – He is promoted to Product Manager because of his field experience
2008 – He becomes Manager of the e.magnus line
2014 – He becomes a Business Unit Director
Since 2017 – As part of the Marketing Division, he takes part in Berger-Levrault’s global development with an initial experience in Canada



Maria-Angeles Orche Sanz, 41 years old
Assistant Director, Products and Services

Maria-Angeles Orche Sanz, Assistant Director, Products and Services.

“Allowing employees to reach their goals, encouraging interactions and developing initiatives for continuous improvement.“


End-to-End control of the value chain

2000 – She joins ABSIS as senior consultant, Geographical IT Systems
2004 – Because of her project management experience and her managerial skills, she is promoted to Manager of the consultants’ team
2014 – She is promoted to Director ABSIS operations with the goal of optimizing resources, improving relationships between departments and with results in mind
2018 – Following the acquisition of ABSIS by Berger-Levrault, she becomes part of the Berger-Levrault Spain product and services division with the goal of consolidating offerings and increasing team work



José Martín Linares, 36 years old
Project Manager

José Martín Linares, Project Manager.

“Embracing change makes you better each day.“


An ongoing determination to go the extra mile

2008 – He joined Aytos as economic and financial management technician consultant
2011 – Because of his through knowledge of the field and his excellent relationship management, he was promoted to Sales Engineer
2013 – He joined the e-government department as Consultant
2016 – He is promoted to Product Manager in the e-government Department
2017 – Because of his multiple skills, he is promoted to Senior Project Manager in the Berger-Levrault Spain Operations Division



Lorena Soria García, 31 years old
Project Manager

Lorena Soria García, Project Manager.

“Ensure that each customer considers us as its best partner after the implementation of its project.”


A taste for challenges

2010 – She joins Aytos as Consultant specialized in e-government
2014 – She jumps on the opportunity to coordinate project deployment with a major customer: la Diputacion de Barcelona
2015 – She becomes part of the Customer Project Management team
2018 – Because she successfully rose to many challenges, she was promoted to Senior Project Manager

Antonio Vera Silvestre, 40 years old
Product Manager

Antonio Vera Silvestre, Product Manager.

“With over 16 years of public sector experience, I try to work with empathy and a positive attitude to deal with issues by working together closely with customers and in-house departments.”


Leaving your comfort zone

2004 – Customer assistance manager
2005 – Product quality manager with the task of obtaining certification
2007 – e-government Consultant in the Services department
2010 – Support and e-government solutions deployment with Sage Aytos
2013 – e-government Product Manager with Aytos
2018 – Berger-Levrault Spain Product Manager for the e-government area