Our Vision of Research and Innovation

“Science requires time, perseverance and assiduity. It is an exacting approach which is not affected by the trend, the moment and our possible requirements in productivity or speed. When an answer does not exist, the scientific process notices it, without establishing hasty or inappropriate conclusion. To find is not mandatory, though pursue the research is essential. It is what shaped human progress for centuries. Although our evolution is unreasonable in many aspects, science persists in its ambition which appeals to reason.”

Mustapha Derras, Director of R&D

Our Philosophy

At Berger-Levrault we made the choice 10 years ago to base our innovation desire on a scientific approach. We conduct a collaborative research and innovation process with many scientific institutions. It is through this ecosystem that we are capable to face the main challenges that await us. Together we can address concrete, tangible issues that fall within the daily contingencies of our clients. It is also very often with our clients that we carry out our innovative projects for territories, medico-social, industry, education, and all trades Berger-Levrault meets.

Presentation of the RTID

Presentation of the Research and Technological Innovation Department

Our mission

The Research and Technological Innovation Department aims to shape the future by revolutionizing trades and uses supported by our solutions.

To answer this challenge, the transdisciplinary and multicultural team of Berger-Levrault composed of searchers, PhD students, students and engineers is involved in the whole innovation value chain:

  • Exploration of new scientific domains, cutting-edge technologies and uses, as well as news tendencies on the markets;
  • Creation of simple and exploitable disruptive solutions for our users, our clients, our markets and answering concrete problems they meet, as well as their future issues;
  • Transfer of knowledges and savoir-faire to our professional and partnership ecosystem, in order to enrich innovative perspectives and increase their potential of success;
  • Training to new uses, to new models, to new concerns by an incessant dynamic between popularization, share, and apprenticeship.

BL Research establishes a space of expression in which demonstrate the possibilities is above all through co-construction.

Research and Technological Innovation Department’ team of Berger-Levrault

Research and Technological Innovation Department’ team of Berger-Levrault

You want to discover our innovative solutions?

It is with an open mind that Berger-Levrault designed the BL Research website which exposes the research project of the company.

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3 centuries BC, Aristotle said, “Progress is worth only if it is shared by all”. We chose to trust him!

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