Why do we like working with students?

Tech companies are continuously challenged to innovate to stay competitive. As a software and digital solutions vendor, lifelong learning fosters creativity, emulation and experimentation. It is vital for Berger-Levrault to develop relationships with students to learn new approaches and open up new perspectives for us. As a result of a fruitful relationship between students and employees, we learn and undertake mutually.

Types of collaboration

Collaboration with universities and colleges strengthens our links and helps us grow together. There are various types of collaboration: internships, work/study, mentored projects and R&D. Internships and training highlight tomorrow’s talent and enable us to identify our future employees. With research partnerships, we explore new scientific fields to better control them and integrate them into our solutions.

Interning at Berger-Levrault

A win-win relationship

Our primary goal is for the intern to fit in completely to carry out assignments under the best conditions. These assignments contribute to the development of the individual and of the company.

An active participation in the company’s development

Interns and apprentices are mentored. This mentor is an employee who has received specific training to help students fit in and to monitor them throughout their entire internship. The teams also get inspiration from the new ideas contributed by these new interns who contribute a fresh look to projects.

Living a fulfilling experience

During their internships, students implement their skills, acquire new know-how and live a fulfilling experience: an internship is a true immersive experience in the business world which can result in being hired by the Berger-Levrault Group.

Shared experiences

Partner colleges, universities and research laboratories

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