Why do we like working with the student community?

Tech companies are continuously challenged to innovate to stay competitive. As a software and digital solutions vendor, lifelong learning fosters creativity, emulation and experimentation. It is vital for Berger-Levrault to develop relationships with students to learn new approaches and open up new perspectives for us. As a result of a fruitful relationship between students, schools and employees, we learn and undertake mutually.

Our types of collaboration

Collaboration with students, universities and colleges strengthens our links and helps us grow together. There are various types of collaboration: internships, work/study, mentored projects, R&D, and the competition City’ZEN Challenge. Internships and training highlight tomorrow’s talent and enable us to identify our future employees. With research partnerships, we explore new scientific fields to better control them and integrate them into our solutions.

The City'ZEN Challenge: an international inter-school competition

In 2016, Berger-Levrault launched the City’ZEN Challenge, an international and inter-school competition reserved exclusively for its partner schools and whose aim is to recognize, to support and reward the efforts of IT student in the development of innovative projects. And the principal way that Berger-Levrault supports students is through project incubation coaching provided to each finalist team by our employees.

In 2021 and for the next 4 years, the competition will take on a green dimension. Indeed, ecology is one of the most recurrent themes of our century. Berger-Levrault wishes to make contributions by putting ecology at the center of the City’ZEN Challenge. From now on, students will be challenged to develop Green Tech solutions, which will facilitate the convergence of digital transformation and the green transition, leading to a sustainable use of technology to serve the planet.

To learn more about the competition, please visit the City’ZEN Challenge website.

Video presentation of City'ZEN Challenge.

Presentation of City'ZEN Challenge by Kyle Mahoney, creator and manager of the competition.

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