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Give students the great start they deserve with a schedule that works!

Give students what they need: a conflict-free schedule with the courses they need. Leverage the powerful algorithm of INFOSILEM Sectioner to efficiently assign students to course sections, taking into account requirements and preferences while respecting honours programs, athletic team commitments, recitation and tutorial options.

Simplify Freshman Scheduling

Treat large batches of new students and automatically assign them to the courses they are requesting. Requests are prioritized and categorized so that students get the courses they need and want.

Prioritize required and core course assignments

Prioritize required and core course assignments and rank alternate choices for options and electives

INFOSILEM Sectioner has a powerful algorithm that automatically assigns students to scheduled course sections, conflict-free and in line with program specifications.  If students’ first choices are not available in a reasonable schedule, leverage weighted alternative choices to ensure complete assignment.

Features and modules

INFOSILEM | Berger-Levrault

Infosilem | Berger-Levrault is a suite of scheduling software recognized by higher education institutions for over 30 years. Our software enables colleges and universities to produce better student and faculty schedules, while optimizing campus operations and resources. The solutions enable an automated and simplified creation of course and exam schedules while efficiently managing all event bookings throughout the campus.

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Professional Services

Berger-Levrault’s professional services team is there to support you: from helping to define your needs, to configuring the software, to ensuring it is fully adopted by users. Our subject matter experts are ready to help you drive efficiency, and give you better control and greater visibility over your operations.


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