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Digital transformation is a challenge for many small and medium businesses today.

Managing the flow of information and data integration can be complicated for an organization with numerous software solutions.

Meet your clients’ complex needs with our flexible, interoperable solutions!

In a dynamic, innovative approach, Berger-Levrault is constantly looking for new partnerships to meet business management challenges with specialized software that meets your needs.

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CodeRed Business Solutions Inc. (CRBS) specializes in supporting public transportation organizations and utilities. This new promotional partner supports the business development of CARL | Berger-Levrault products in North America.

K2 Geospatial

Logo K2 Geospatial

K2 Geospatial is a platform for transforming geospatial data into business intelligence. Our partnership applies to North America, with the integration of the company’s Jmap GIS into our CARL | Berger-Levrault solution.

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