Execute your digital transformation projects with Berger-Levrault

As a software publisher and digital service supplier, Berger-Levrault provides a wide suite of interoperable, modular solutions to optimize the performance of user-centred businesses and public- and private-sector organizations.

Capitalizing on technological innovations to support the digital shift of organizations in all industries, Berger-Levrault’s solutions transform complex processes into simple, practical, user-friendly tools, taking each client’s budget constraints into consideration.


Areas of expertise

Berger-Levrault’s scalable software solutions are fine-tuned with users so their technological needs are met.


Flexible, modular solutions designed to optimize the management processes and technological efficiency of municipalities, public administrations, educational institutions and public- and private-sector firms.

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Optimize the maintenance of your equipment and operation of your buildings, rolling stock and linear networks with our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS/EAM). This leading-edge solution meets the needs of businesses in all industries.

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Berger-Levrault has developed a full suite of modular, interoperable solutions for educational institutions to optimize management of school records, activities, schedules, premises, registration, subscriptions, fees and allowances.

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Professional Services

Berger-Levrault’s professional services team is there to support you: from helping to define your needs, to configuring the software, to ensuring it is fully adopted by users. Our subject matter experts are ready to help you drive efficiency, and give you better control and greater visibility over your operations.