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Quality service, active listening, dedication, research and innovation – these are Berger-Levrault’s commitments. Client satisfaction is our priority.

Our experts work every day to make our clients’ daily lives easier. The services and software solutions they offer are adapted to each organization’s budget and needs.

Our teams of experts, who are specialists in their field, are located throughout North America to guarantee client proximity. Because every expert has specific experience and strengths, the installation of Berger-Levrault’s solutions is tailored to each client.

Client service teams are available to answer questions by phone or email. They can guide you online or solve a problem by remotely accessing the software.

Berger-Levrault’s teams support you through all the steps of your digital transformation projects.

Project management

Project managers plan the implementation of solutions together with you. Their priority is to organize every operation, while ensuring that service continuity is maintained within your organization. They explain the project workflow, plan operations, ensure project management and handle the market-related contractual aspects of calls for tenders.

With their experience on the ground, our coordination teams and project managers have fine-tuned rollout methodologies that are both pragmatic and customizable, whose efficiency has been proven beyond a doubt.

Process analysis and implementation

The purpose of process analysis and implementation mandates is to identify the best options for using Berger-Levrault’s solutions in each client’s situation. Our experts listen to you to understand your organization, its processes, its information flows and the specific features of its structure. They will explain the advantages and impacts of the various possible solutions before suggesting the best option. This process makes it possible to adapt the solution jointly with IT teams and users.


Our technical experts implement solutions in local environments or in cloud mode at Berger-Levrault’s data centre. They make use of innovative virtualization, hosting or infrastructure management options. They operate on-site or remotely, respecting your organization’s security policies. They apply the necessary interfaces to perfectly integrate Berger-Levrault’s solutions into your information system as a whole. They can also help you with the daily management or upgrading of your infrastructure.


Parameterization is done to customize your software solution so it best suits your organization and its unique characteristics. This is done by our experts and generally follows the process analysis and review step. The duration of the parameterization steps depends on the project and your organization’s constraints.

Data migration

Data migration consists in recovering data from other software and importing it into Berger-Levrault’s solution. It can be done from our offices by our teams of experts.


Berger-Levrault is an accredited training body. We train our clients to help them perfect the execution of their tasks by proficient use of software. Because of their teaching approach, their professional know-how, their knowledge of regulatory issues and their daily use of Berger-Levrault solutions, our trainers are past masters at supporting users’ change processes.

Today, all training is given on-site or remotely so that users can take ownership of the solution in optimal conditions. Our trainers are able to present the latest software developments. Their product knowledge makes them experts in their fields.

Support formulas

Beyond parameterization and training, Berger-Levrault supports clients while a new solution is launched and throughout the whole process. This service involves helping users to learn the software and sharing the best ideas on how to make optimum use of the solution. This support can be provided remotely with users or by phone.

We can also provide ongoing support, involving regular interventions by our experts, to meet various needs: learning new features, integrating regulatory changes or onboarding new employees.

Client support

Client support is provided by a group of advisors and experts on Berger-Levrault’s solutions. They are available to answer users’ questions by phone. To ensure the best results, client assistance teams are organized at different levels, depending on the nature of the request.

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