At the crossroad of our knowledge and inventions

BL Institute encourages discussion and promotes synergies between Berger-Levrault experts and its network of customers, partners, companies, research organizations, politicians, journalists and start-ups. This collective-centric approach brings about the necessary pooling of knowledge and skills based on each person’s experience.

The activities of the Institute BL have significant potential for interconnections. Its action program is centered around four areas of work: To train, cultivate, share and invent.

“BL Institute supports skills development, improves knowledge-sharing and promotes product innovation by providing a high level of expertise.
These are the lofty ambitions of the Berger-Levrault Institute.”

Christophe Gabette, Head of Human Resources, Communication and CSR


Aims to foster commitment and employability

BL Institute’s training programs cover 5 areas: Software – Business expertise – Technological Acculturation & Digitalization – Data Security – Languages.

Training is an essential lever for Berger-Levrault’s development to pass on new skills and optimize know-how:

  • by acquiring professional skills for new jobs linked to digitalization,
  • by enhancing employee skills in their traditional occupations,
  • by expanding employee skills to new areas,
  • by giving employees the opportunity to receive personalized training,
  • by helping new hires fit in.

New training methods are deployed throughout the Group, in particular through the acquisition of a language platform enabling each employee to self-train using e-learning.

BL Institute's training programs.

Developing and acquiring new expertise

Each year, BL Institute capitalizes nearly 29,000 hours of training. The topics include managerial support, regulatory watch, new technologies, graphic facilitation, language learning. BL Institute participates in the development of the teams’ skills by meeting their operational and tactical needs.


Means nurturing thought programs to take ownership of key concepts

Artificial intelligence, big data, platforms, algorithms, cybersecurity, circulation of personal data, etc. Our daily life is digital.

To develop the knowledge associated with the digital transformations of our company, BL Institute brings together players in the digital ecosystem at meetings focused on trust, its changes and the governance and security issues raised by globalization.

Video on the BL Institute's summer school program.

Nurturing, enriching and broadening our horizons

The Summer School is held by BL Institute and the chairman of its scientific council, Milad Doueihi. For 3 days, multidisciplinary specialists give conferences and workshops to contribute and enrich debates and concepts related to social issues.


Means sharing knowledge and spreading our expertise

Tools and uses are  evolving continuously at an accelerated pace in a society resolutely focused on all-digital technology. The purpose of the Institute BL is to pursue a sustainable approach to disseminating knowledge by making accessibility information more accessible for its internal and external ecosystem.

Institute BL also works to raise employee awareness about the social perspective.


Thematic Weeks

  • Since 2012, Berger-Levrault has formed partnerships and carried out awareness-raising, training, recruitment and retention actions with the aim of making it easier for disabled persons to find work. The Disability Week contributes to developing this awareness-raising approach.
  • During Research Week, the Research and Innovation division presents its flagship projects in many scientific disciplines and related to Berger-Levrault customer’s businesses areas of work (keeping seniors at home, digital practice, artificial intelligence in management software, emergency management, optimized museum pathways, etc.).
Jean, who is a disabled person, sits with his colleagues in a meeting.


Means exploring new territories with our talents and partners

By implementing R&D programs in partnership with the research world, BL Institute is pursuing an Open Innovation Strategy and imagines how to improve:

  • the performance of current solutions using technological innovations,
  • services provided to users in a changing environment.

R&D program topics

Accessibility – Processing Algorithms – Intelligent Architectures – Sustainable Development – Next generation ergonomics (human-machine interaction) – Fragility and dependency management – Interoperability – Trust in the digital age – E-Tourism – Image processing (Artificial Intelligence) – Electronic Vote

video about the innovation week of Berger-Levrault.

Building together hand-in-hand

The Innovation Week is a participatory approach of 60 employees. The aim of this hackathon is to invent and develop solutions that meet the uses of tomorrow. For example, BL.API, one of the winning projects, is a solution used today by the Berger-Levrault support services, customers and partners.

Close-up on Berger-Levrault's integrated schools

Since 2014, the Developer’s School enhances the knowledge of in-house learners in the latest technologies, offering a degree in Computer Design and Developepment.

Berger-Levrault Spain includes a classroom in its offices dedicated to the vocational training of around twenty students on study programs with courses taught by employees.

video about Berger-Levrault's integrated schools.

Berger-Levrault's integrated schools