The Berger-Levrault Technological Research and Innovation Department was created 10 years ago! Today, with the support of our multidisciplinary and multicultural team composed of researchers, PhD graduates, students and engineers, we are bringing hundreds of scientific publications, projects, prototypes and beautiful innovations to the market. With the release of the BL Research website, you can learn more about our Research and Innovation approach.

Committed to research and innovation, we are continuously structuring our efforts to adapt to the sustained evolution of Berger-Levrault. Our research and expertise team has a wide spectrum of capabilities and high value-added scientific and technological knowledge. If transdisciplinary collaborative excellence on an international scale is our objective, we work humbly and daily to explore the full range of possibilities and bring a different perspective on the world.

Scientific research at Berger-Levrault is in line with a desire for permanent learning and expansion on the world. For a company such as Berger-Levrault, it is essential to explore new paths, sometimes on the fringe. It is a holistic strategy that requires curiosity, openness and boldness. Our work is fed by a willingness to de-construct in order to better understand and shed light on our progress.

Our innovation strategy, supported and enriched by our research works, is rooted in everyday life and focused on the end user. Our will to conceive innovations that are part of the real life for our users, and the “pragmatic reality” they experience, commits us to combine scientific excellence with efficiency, usefulness, ethics and simplicity! The science produced at Berger-Levrault is open. Our research has always been based on sharing. Our researchers publish, support the commons, and contribute to open source. We believe that this is the only way to collectively help science and technology grow, so that we can provide our clients with the most advanced solutions.

What probably best illustrates the research at Berger-Levrault is its powerful interdisciplinary nature. Our team of researchers is constantly reorganizing itself depending on each project to help experts in various complementary fields to work together: Computer Science, Mathematics, Sociology, Philosophy, Cognitive Sciences. Interdisciplinarity shapes our projects and is a key element of the epistemology we have chosen to apply.

Presentation of the RTID

Presentation of the Research and Technological Innovation Department

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The Berger-Levrault research team has designed the BL Research website with a large open mind to share the company’s research activities.

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3 centuries BC, Aristotle already stated “Progress is only worthwhile if it is shared by all”. We have chosen to believe him!

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