The partnership between Berger-Levrault and the neOCampus research initiative has been launched.
Three years of collaboration with the University Paul Sabatier and Berger-Levrault for the study and realization of an intelligent fluid consumption dashboard. Paul Sabatier University provides rooms equipped with multiple sensors and thousands of measurement points throughout the campus (electricity, water, heating, etc.). An in vivo playground to experiment with new uses and develop tools to facilitate energy optimization.
Supporting technologies: IOT, advanced human-machine interfaces, multi-agent systems for anomaly detection and processing of large volumes of unstructured data.

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The NeoCampus initiative is a scientific operation involving eleven laboratories at Paul Sabatier University. It aims to transform the university campus into an open-air laboratory on connected objects. To complete the project, NeoCampus pools software and hardware resources around several projects to create a sustainable, connected, intelligent and innovative campus.

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