For the 2019 academic year, several prestigious North American campuses have improved their IT infrastructures and implemented advanced software solutions to optimize their activities.

8 North American universities have chosen the software product range INFOSILEM of international software publisher Berger-Levrault.

Berger-Levrault works to solve the technical challenges of universities in order to improve student quality of life. For example, the publisher has deployed custom solutions on the following campuses:

  • Catawba Valley Community College, North Carolina (optimized the course calendar and the use of space for 5,000 students)
  • Carleton University, Ottawa (online planning for 29,000 students)
  • Georgian College, Ontario (online planning for 11,000 students)
  • Villanova University, Pennsylvania (management of time and spaces for 10,000 students)
  • Penn State University (exam planning for 46,000 students)
  • Fordham University, New York City (online registrations for 15,000 students)

INFOSILEM: the Berger-Levrault solution, working for academic success.

In the constant pursuit of innovation, Berger-Levrault works to implement solutions in line with new technologies, serving the citizen.

Their software solution INFOSILEM equips campuses, automates the creation of academic calendars/schedules and reconciles student issues with administrative red tape! It simplifies the management of registrations, classes, activities, and exams.

This new approach of quick, easy, and efficient planning encourages the success of students and allows the pedagogical team to devote more time to the improvement of their teaching programs.

“We experienced an immediate return on investment through more efficient scheduling of our facilities, more timely course offerings, and reduced workloads for our staff. Most importantly, timely access to needed courses has resulted in increased student retention and success.” Keith Mackie, Executive Vice President – Catawba Valley Community College

Beyond the North American successes, the efficiency of its IT solutions in the university and academic world, have allowed Berger-Levrault to become the leading developer of advanced scheduling software solutions around the world (Canada, USA, France, UK, Middle East, Hong Kong).

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