As the largest player in education, Berger-Levrault Canada shares its know-how with the rest of the group. Berger-Levrault globally deploys a line of software solutions suited to each type of institution and fully plays its role of go-between between the various uses and users. 

Digital technology as an accelerator

The powerful wave of innovation that is transforming14 our lives, businesses and cities is also being felt in education. In the same manner as it is noticeably changing our jobs and our work organizations, digital technology is making way for new teaching tools, course organization, time-planning and space management.


Plan and simplify

Each school grade has its own regulations and develops its own specificities; what they share is that they are costly and complex. The rise of digital management tools revolutionized access to information, changed practices and improve the efficiency of organizations.

The target: Planning, is the tonic key of a series of issues The present challenge is to succeed in synchronizing schedules and classes, optimizing classroom occupancy rates and communicating at all times on all the available tools between the various stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, administrative personnel and regulatory authorities.

Global recognition

Berger-Levrault’s Canadian subsidiaries have been working in synergy with their customers in grade schools, middle and high schools and universities for over 30 years. If you take the sole higher education industry, 170 universities and colleges in the world rely on our technologies and this number is ever-growing.

Presently, our industry expertise can be found intuitively in our solutions. Berger-Levrault has succeeded in bringing together all management tools within interoperable platforms, enabling the addition of features in accordance with institutional requirements and country-specific regulations: management of school records and financial, HR and capital expenditure records and so on.

In this area as in other industries in which it operates, industry knowledge and software expertise are Berger-Levrault’s recognized added values.