The Challenge

Fordham University embarked on a renewal of its IT infrastructure with the implementation of a new student information system (SIS). This transformational project created an opportunity to revisit all complementary processes and systems, including scheduling.

The Objectives

Convinced that an automated freshman scheduling process provides the best possible student services, Fordham chose to explore possible solutions with the objectives to:

  • Increase operational efficiencies;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Improve quality of student services.

Student Focus

The flexibility offered by Infosilem Sectioner allows Fordham to accommodate a much broader range of student choices, and facilitates the registration process. This focus on the student gives the entering students the positive start they want and need.

A Smooth and Fast Implementation

The implementation of Infosilem Sectioner at Fordham University has placed an intuitive system in the hands of the end users, allowing them to perform at their best. The user-friendly interface of Infosilem Sectioner has simplified training during implementation.

Improved Efficiencies

Controls over the working environment by the end users have significantly changed the dynamic within the Office of Academic Records, allowing staff to process changes more efficiently, limit interaction with IT support services, and establish a well-documented and repeatable process that support best business practices.

This resulted in the ability to deliver more complete student schedules while significantly reducing their production time and generating substantial cost savings by projecting a more accurate number of seats to meet their student needs.

No More Exceptions

Thanks to Infosilem Sectioner, freshman sectioning is now a single seamless process that looks at all students requirements and preferences. As a result, exception processing has been eliminated. “Infosilem Sectioner provides more accurate data to align our course and section offerings to real student needs,” said Ponterosso.

Benefitting from a stable and well-supported system—and thus reducing dependency on the IT group—has also made the entire freshman scheduling process more efficient.

The Office of Academic Records now has better controls of the process and saves upwards of 70 working hours per cycle—at a very busy time of the year—which translates into significant cost savings for the University.

About Fordham University

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Stephen J. Bordas

Associate VP, Enrollment Group

“It was an emergency to get the system up and running and when I looked at the implementation timeline, I had huge doubts. But Infosilem delivered on time to our greatest satisfaction. Our freshman registration is now easy, efficient, more accurate and user-friendly.”

Anna Ponteresso

Senior Associate Director, Enrollment Services

“We strongly recommend Infosilem; they understand the customer satisfaction end of a software project and we appreciate that very much.”